NOVOMATIKHEM: Video Inspection Camera

The company NOVOMATIK HEM  due to the need of a  better diagnosis of the condition of facilities, as well as better process of monitoring and controlling  of performed works provided modern video inspection camera to view and record hardly visible places, such as pipelines, boilers without revision openings, boilers, heat exchangers, etc.
We have contemporary video inspection camera with recording capability of up to 10 m, and saving photos and videos.
We feel the need  to prepare each job well and for it is necessary to know the true state of the system and after completion of works to prove the quality of the works performed regardless of the geometry of the object.

We do not allow phrases:

Guess, it's fine.
It is better than it was.
It must always be:
BEST POSSIBLE and we prove it.
The device is applicable in detecting blockages in pipelines


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