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Recent activities

Successful Implementation of New Technologies: Overhaul of Boiler B1001A at HIP-Petrohemija, Ethylene Plant.

New week, new challenge, new boiler. We participated in maintenance activities on the high-pressure boiler B1001A at HIP-Petrohemija's Ethylene Plant and performed chemical cleaning and passivation.
This uniquely specific treatment is applied for the first time on this boiler and within this company, but the team, led by Aleksandar Subotin, proved to be an exceptional collaborator. Together, we successfully completed the challenging task from start to finish without major issues. The excellent partner and official project leader were CWG Balkan. Of course, we flawlessly executed the acid treatment process using the KEBO (Keller & Bohacek GmbH & Co. KG) inhibitor Lithsolvent 620.
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Efficient Cleaning and Maintenance in Industry.

We transform industrial cleaning by providing top-notch services, achieving savings while respecting the environment, and aiming for a leadership position in the maintenance of cooling systems.


We set the standards in industrial facility cleaning, providing efficient services while respecting the environment and achieving savings for our clients.



To become a leading provider of cooling system maintenance, lead the industry through innovation, and deliver high-quality industrial cleaning solutions.



Our goal is to elevate industrial cleaning services to a level that brings visible cost savings to the client's business, while simultaneously ensuring the assurance that facilities will be treated with maximum professionalism in the shortest time, highest quality, and compliance with environmental protection regulations. Each job begins with the prescription of technology, is carried out under expert control, and concludes with a detailed report. We also believe that cooling systems with cooling towers, distribution installations, and chillers are extremely important, especially in times of rising summer temperatures, requiring serious services and regular maintenance. We are decisively addressing issues in all parts of the cooling system that come into contact with water, whether it be regular treatment of that water with inhibitors and biocides or addressing existing problems, overhaul, and regular service and maintenance. Our products are the result of experience and application within our services, so we offer them to our clients with complete confidence for effective water treatment or specialized cleaning in the industry.

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